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Contemporary surrealist painter, writer and illustrator

Contemporary surrealist painter, writer and illustrator

He was born in 1968 in the Czech Republic. He stayed in the USA, Florida for a long time. Where he succeeded and is a recognized artist in the field of painting, sculpture and ceramics.His exhibitions were held in Sarasota, Florida at the First Step of Sarasota Gallery, 4613 North Washington Boulevard, Florida. He then moved to Miami, Florida, where he exhibited at the Pérez Art Museum Miami, the Lowe Art Museum, the Eduardo Lira Art Gallery, the Art Fusion Galleries and Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery.

Galerie First Step of Sarasota

In June 2020, he opened a new gallery G.U L.D. in Mala Strana.



is a European art movement that strives to free the mind, emphasizes the subconscious.The words „artistic direction” are not fully representative, since surrealism means not only an artistic direction but also a lifestyle. Surrealism received the first impetus from André Breton, but Salvador Dali made his rise and development possible.

Surrealism is still an active direction, although it has far removed from the original ideas.




He is currently writing children’s books, painting surrealism and ceramic art.

In March 2019 he exhibited his works of art at the Museum of Magic at Jánský Hill in Malá Strana in Prague.

He had another exhibition connected with other artists of ART ATTACK in the Ladronka Gallery in Prague 6 in March.

In June 2019 he exhibited in the Lapidarium gallery.

In July 2019 he exhibited in the Ladronka gallery.

In September 2019, Marcell Vallas opened an art support center in Prague with Art Attack.

In November he exhibited in Spain, Caleta se Vélez, Palmeras de Baviera 67.

He is currently preparing, together with Art Attack, a prestigious exhibition entitled “On the Wings”, which will be held in the Manes Gallery and will support MSF (MSF is a secular humanitarian non-profit organization focused on providing health care to victims. Natural disasters, war conflicts, epidemics or health exclusion. The organization was founded in 1971 and is known worldwide by the French abbreviation “MSF”).

The exhibition will open on January 15, 2020 and will last until the end of the month.

GALERIA DE ARTE SAN LUIS in Spain the city Estepona (Málaga) will be officially opening in March 2020. Which will be operated together under the auspices of Independent artists EUROPEAN UNION.

In June 2020, he opened a new gallery G.U L.D. in Mala Strana.

Upcoming exhibitions for 2020

3/2020 – Galerie Ladronka, Praha
4/2020 – Galeria de arte SAN LUIS
5/2020 – Miami, Florida
6/2020 – Galerie Lapidárium Praha 1
7/2020 – Singapur, Asie
9/2020 – Madrid, Espaňa
11/2020 – Estepona, Espaňa

He is also the chairman of the ART ATTACK, Artists’ Association, which brings together artists on an independent platform.




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